Retirement LLC Easy(k)

We make starting your first 401(k) plan easy and affordable! Small businesses need a plan that is easy to get started and easy to administer going forward.

Introducing the RLLC Easy(k)

Program Features:

  • Safe Harbor contributions, allowing owners to fully contribute to the plan
  • Flexible eligibility
  • Reduced compliance testing
  • Low monthly cost with easy payment
  • Easy setup with discounted fees
  • Easy ongoing operation

Plan Requirements:

  • Less than 50 eligible employees
  • Employer Safe harbor contributions (100% on the first 4% of deferral) or 3% Safe Harbor non-elective contribution
  • Electronic data submission
  • Recordkeeping at any preapproved partner
  • Upgrade plan features when ready
  • Start-up plans only, not available to employers with an existing 401(k) plan

Key Advantages of Easy(k) Vs Simple Plan

  • Roth deferrals not allowed in Simple plans. Easy(k) includes them at no additional fee!
  • Higher annual deferral amounts: $19,500 vs $13,500
  • Higher annual catch-up amounts $6,500 vs $3,000
  • Administration fees are outside the plan and tax deductible vs taken from your investments.
  • Easy(k) plans are eligible for the Secure Tax Credit reducing fees even further. Simple plans don't qualify because fees are taken from your investments.
  • 401(k) plans have name recognition and are understood by employees. Simple plans are far less understood.
  • Upgrade your Easy(k) plan when ready vs having to terminate and start a new plan.
  • Your are running a business and deserve dedicated support that comes with Easy(k). With Simple plans you're generally on your own.
  • Simple plans are not simple!

Administration Fees:

  • One-time Plan Document Fee: $500
  • Flat Monthly Fee: $100 through automated ACH debit

To get started contact the Retirement LLC Sales Team at or call 800-580-8862

Retirement LLC Easy(k) Documents

Easy(k) Brochure

Easy(k) Plan Highlights Sheet

Easy(k) Fact Finder