CEFEX Certification

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At Retirement LLC, we strive to follow organized and accurate best practices so that way we can deliver reliable Recordkeeping and Administration services.  Over the years our firm has worked hard to earn a trusted reputation, therefore, Retirement LLC is honored to announce our certification with ASPPA-CEFEX, a dual certification Mark from the American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries and the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence, LLC (CEFEX).

Our ASPPA-CEFEX certification means, we understand the importance of process, therefore our clients can be confident that their account reconciliation and information are being properly organized, formalized, implemented and monitored. Additionally, our firm is being annually audited by an independent third party, which effectively helps you fulfill your procedural retirement plan obligations.

CEFEX is an independent global assessment and certification organization. Its mission is to promote and verify excellence by assessing and certifying conformity to high professional standards of conduct.

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