The following are current and back issues of the Retirement LLC Benefit Insights newsletter. These are a non-technical review of qualified retirement plan legislative and administrative issues.

June 2017 - What makes a healthy and successful plan? Plus, we take a closer look at participant loans.

The latest news regarding retirement plans has centered around service provider fees.  While fees are a highly important aspect of managing an employer-sponsored retirement plan, they are not the only metric of your overall retirement plan health. This addition takes a look different types plans, plan education and different features such as automatic enrollment, Roth deferrals, matching and more.  

Also in this addition we take a look at participant loans.  For many years, plan sponsors have wrestled with the decision to loans to their plan participants.  Some consider them to be a benefit and even promote them as a legal way to use tax free money.  Come retirement, what are the effects of loans taken on an employee’s account?

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