Sales Assistance

As a non-producing, independent administration firm, we're not locked into any one product. We’re an advisor-friendly TPA. We understand and appreciate that the plan sponsor is your client, and we help you bring the best solutions possible. 

Services we offer in sales process:

  • Plan design illustrations. Using company census information, we’ll create the foundation of a successful plan so you have happy participants and business owners.
  • Plan proposals and fee analysis. We’ll compare options against existing service providers and the pool of vendors.
  • Vendor platform solutions. With so many options, it’s hard to know which vendor is a good fit for your client. We have years of insight and experience to help in the decision process.
  • Open fee disclosure. Even before law required it, we practiced full disclosure of fees and revenue sharing. It is, and always has been, the right thing to do.
  • Exceptional service. We help you navigate every step of the process making sure you’re provided exceptional service along the way. Your success is our success!